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Microtunneling and Trenchless Contractor

Northeast Remsco Construction is a microtunneling contractor that uses a variety of trenchless installation techniques to install utilities. These include microtunneling, auger-bore, pipe jacking, liner plate tunneling, guided boring (pilot tube), and hand mining. Using these methods, Northeast Remsco has installed water mains, power lines, gravity sewers, and sanitary sewers beneath waterways and wetlands, active highways, railroads, and congested urban streets.

In addition to new installations, Northeast Remsco Construction can rehabilitate existing systems by sliplining a new pipe inside the existing pipe thereby extending the life of the system without digging it up and replacing it. Often this can be done in the wet, without the need for bypass pumping.

View Some of Our MTBM Tunneling Projects

Homestead Avenue Interceptor Extension

Work included the installation of 3,350 LF of 72” PVC-Lined Reinforced Concrete Pipe via microtunneling through mixed ground and varved clays from 7 steel sheeted shafts up to 45 feet deep and 160 LF of 72” RCP using a conventional wheeled TBM beneath congested city streets. The longest drive was 1,200 LF. Work included microtunneling beneath I-84 and Amtrak RR tracks. The project included the first planned, curved microtunnel in the U.S.

Location: Hartford, CT
Date: 2009-2011
Owner: The Metropolitan District Commission

Tingey St Diversion Sewer Division B

The scope of work included: two cast-in-place concrete CSO diversion chambers, 1200 LF of 72” RCP installed with microtunneling through urban environment and in WMATA subway influence zone, 120 LF of 3” FRP diversion sewer using guided auger-boring, and four steel sheeted shafts to 32 feet deep. In addition, there was a jet grout program to support 400 FT of the 72” Diversion Sewer and one of the Diversion Chambers, plus a chemical grouting program to support existing utilities prior to microtunneling. There was an extensive geotechnical monitoring program, including within the WMATA subway tunnel. The geology included mixed ground, alluvium and historic fill well below the groundwater table.

Location: Tingey St, Washington, DC
Date: 2012-2014
Owner: DC Water (DCCR)

Broad Creek Augmentation Projects

Northeast Remsco Construction completed three contracts as part of this overall project, the North Contract, the South Contract, and the offsite utilities for the Pump Station Improvement Contract.

The total scope of work across the three contracts consisted of approximately 20,000 LF of 48” force main, 6,050 LF of 42” pressure sewer, 1,460 LF of 60” gravity sewer, and 2,740 LF of 24” force main installed using open cut and trenchless methods, as well as installing 26 concrete interconnecting structures and cathodic protection systems.

The trenchless scope of work included:

  • Eight microtunneled installations of 60” and 66” OD steel casing pipe, totaling 8,735 LF. The longest microtunnel drive was 1,560 LF.
  • Subsurface conditions included: Terrace Deposits, (silty sand with variable amounts of gravel, cobbles, and boulders), hard sticky clay, loose bank run gravel, and the stiff silt and clay of the Potomac Group.
  • Installation of 42” and 48” ductile iron force main via sliplining into the new casings and grouting of the annulus between the Force main and the casing.
  • 290 LF of 72” RCP casing pipe installed by jack-and-bore in two drives.
  • 17 steel sheeted and liner plate shafts excavated to depths up to 49 feet.

Location: Fort Washington, MD
Date: 2014 & 2015
Owner: WSSC

Crossing C14 and C15 for PSE&G

790 FT of 51” steel casing under the NJ Turnpike and 859 FT of 51” steel casing beneath the Overpeck Creek using microtunneling for the installation of 345 kVA power cables. Work included the construction of steel sheeted launch and reception shafts, installation of thermal grout in the casing annulus, and geotechnical instrumentation. The shaft connecting the two crossings was 50’ deep by 135’ long. A jet grout plug was installed in the shaft for bottom stability, and jet grout was used to build portal /launch blocks.

Location: Ridgefield, NJ
Date: 2015-2016
Owner: PSE&G

View Some of Our Other Tunneling Projects

Liner Plate Tunnels & Shafts Beneath the Streets of Baltimore, MD

As part of a larger project, the installation of 540 LF of 72” Liner Plate Tunnel including three 33’ radius curves. Also the installation of three Liner Plate Shafts up to 40’ deep to facilitate the construction of a 42” Sanitary Sewer Interceptor beneath the streets in the City of Baltimore.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: 2006-2008
Owner: City of Baltimore

Slipline Rehabilitation of 60″ & 66″ Trunk Sewer

Saw Mill Valley Trunk Sewer Repair. Clean 924 LF of existing 60” and 66” concrete pipe and rehabilitate using the slipline process with 54” and 60” Hobas brand fiberglass pipe under active flow conditions. The annular space was filled with cellular grout. Three insertion pits were required due to horizontal deflections. Work included open cut installation of 30” sewer force main and bypass pumping.

Location: Elmsford, NY
Date: October 2003 to January 2004
Owner: Westchester County Department of Public Works

72″ RCP & Steel Tunnels Beneath the Streets of Baltimore, MD

As part of a larger project, Northeast Remsco installed 3,800 LF of 72” RCP casing (87.5” OD) to facilitate the construction of a 54” PCCP pressure main beneath 2th Street in the City of Baltimore using an open faced, conventional TBM (free air tunneling). The project also included 400 LF of 72” steel casing installed via pipe jacking and hand-mining. 54” PCCP force main was sliplined into all casings.

Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: 2006 & 2007
Owner: City of Baltimore

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